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How much are the fees?  2024 Club fees are approximately $600 per player + $200 Refundable Volunteer Fee. The actual cost will be determined by the coach and team depending on how many tournaments they will participate in during the season.  You will know the amount when the coach offers you a spot on the team.  The Volunteer fee will be returned to the family if the minimum number of required volunteer hours are completed.


Are there any “hidden” costs?  No.  Included in the fees are: the cost of league, tournaments, insurance, equipment, administrative, the Galaxy and practice fields.   New players must purchase uniforms.  Returning players may also purchase replacement uniforms. Other expenses families incur for team events or tournaments including hotel rooms, food, etc., are not covered in the above fees.  The organization may opt to hold voluntary fundraisers throughout the year.


Do you offer a program to offset some of the costs?  Yes. Our sponsorship program returns 75% of the dollars solicited by individual players that will be applied towards the total fees.  No credit or refund is given for monies raised over and above the fees owed.


Do we need to pay all the fees upfront?  Players are always welcome to pay the full amount upfront, but at the very least you are required to pay a non-refundable deposit of $350, upon acceptance to the team which includes the volunteer fee. The balance will be due by February 15, 2024.


Do you have an indoor practice facility?  Yes!  We have the Galaxy, which is located near Moorland Rd. and Lincoln Ave in New Berlin.  Each team has team practices throughout the offseason plus additional team for pitchers and catchers.


How will I know if I made the team?  If you made the team, you will be made an offer usually within 24 hours of the tryout.  You may get an offer at the tryout.   You will have 24 hours to accept the offer.  After that time, the coach may choose to rescind that offer.


How much travel do you anticipate per team?  That is determined by the individual coach and team.  Most if not all of Stars tournaments are in southeastern Wisconsin.


Can my daughter play another sport and play for the Stars at the same time?  We encourage girls to participate in other sports during the off season (August-February).  This is why we have one practice per week in the off-season.  Our hope is that your daughter can make some or all of the off-season practice.   We will respect the other sports’ seasons, but we ask the other coaches respect our season (March-July). 


What are the expectations for players during the season?  Our official season begins around Spring Break.  Coaches expect players to attend practices and games.  Unexcused absences from practice or games will impact playing time at the coaches’ discretion.  Our season typically ends at the end of July and families should plan accordingly to ensure they fulfill their commitments.

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